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The Benefits of Noni Fruit Capsules

Posted on August 12, 2021 by Rocco Therien

Noni fruit capsules are a natural supplement - a convenient way to get the nutrients of noni fruit in your body. Recommended dosage is usually two capsules daily, on an empty stomach for best absorption. When starting out, most manufacturers say you should take the daily dose for five days, rest for 2 days, and repeat. The main reason for the break is to allow your body to adapt to the new chemical compounds of noni. You should start to feel the consequences after a few weeks. If you do not feel a difference by the time the bottle is empty, you may try another brand.

Presently, noni fruit capsules are available at natural food stores worldwide. You can purchase them at brick-and-mortar institutions or online. They often cost around $30 for a bottle of 80 capsules. Due to the small recommended dose, these bottles will last for many weeks.

One noni fruit capsule generally contains 500 to 1,000 mg of noni. Some capsules contain pure noni fruit, while some might also have the seeds, bark, or leaves. Pure fruit capsules contain a higher concentration of nutrients, while capsules containing different areas of the tree provide a broader array of nutrients.

To produce noni fruit available in capsule form, the fruit is dried, irradiated and ground up to be packed into capsules, usually made from plant-derived cellulose. These procedures serve to condense and sanitize the fruit for safe consumption and a very long shelf life (usually up to two decades.) However, the procedures remove the majority of the moisture, which comprises a large quantity of the volatile nutrients. However, many of noni's gains stay.

The best thing about noni fruit capsules is that they mask the strong odor of noni juice.