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Is Your Child's Lunch Box Safe?

Posted on November 26, 2022 by Rocco Therien

Did you understand your child will get food poisoning from food which has are exposed to the inside of her lunch box?

To avoid food borne odors and possible food poisoning it is important that lunch bags or boxes are routinely cleaned.

Ideally a youngster lunch box ought to be wiped with a damp cloth which just a little antibacterial soap has been added. A child lunch box ought to be then rinsed and dried thoroughly. If your son or daughter's lunch box can withstand regular washing and rinsing it must be done daily and left to drip dry. Never zip up or replace the lid on a youngster lunch box that's not thoroughly dry.

Counter surfaces where prep work is performed ought to be cleaned ahead of bringing out all of your ingredients or wrap/container supplies. Likewise, the hands and any utensils ought to be thoroughly washed.

To protect your son or daughter from the risk of food poisoning consider freezing sandwiches in advance or packing a frozen/partially frozen drink or ice pack in your kid lunch box. Most school lunches are left to sit at room temperature for approximately four hours. Frozen sandwiches even yet in insulated bags will thaw during this time period giving your son or daughter a brand new sandwich by lunch.

Sandwich freshness is maintained by using fresh ingredients and you also prepare and freeze quantities for only fourteen days.

It's important however that sandwich fillings are carefully selected as not absolutely all ingredients could be safely frozen. Good fillings include deli meats, cooked poultry and roast beef, zero fat cheese, peanut butter (and jam) etc. Usually do not freeze eggs or sandwiches such as for example tuna or salmon with mayonnaise.

Sandwiches ought to be wrapped securely in plastic or sealed in plastic bags without excess air. To be certain your sandwiches are employed within the freshest timeframe place all similar sandwiches back to the initial bread bag and label with a best before date.