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How To Throw A Wine and Cheese Party

Posted on August 19, 2021 by Rocco Therien

A wine and cheese party could be a great way to obtain as well as friends or for a particular bridal or wedding shower, party or other celebration. It be an easy task to come up with with at the least work even though you have no idea much about wine or cheese! It is possible to throw together a straightforward but elegant party with out a large amount of fuss and also have a fascinating theme on top of that.

You can setup your room in a couple of various ways which really depends upon just how much room you have and the form of one's room or rooms. A proven way is by using an extended buffet table against one wall with different sections. Another would be to have several "stations" round the room through the use of little tables each with certain wines and their complimentary cheeses. You will want to add some other food stuffs too as man cannot go on wine and cheese alone!


A wine and cheese party ought to be somewhat elegant however, not too gaudy. You might have simple white tablecloths with white candles. Perhaps decorating the table with grapes and grape leaves or something seasonal such as for example fall leaves if the party is in the fall or holly, pine boughs and ornaments whether it's at the holiday season. A summer party may be cute with light floral bouquets. Fruit - especially grapes go great with wine and cheese so you might have a 3 tiered centerpiece or large antique bowl filled up with grapes along with other fruit on the tables too. In the event that you choose one large table a large centerpiece will be a nice center point, you could use and old architectural urn filled up with ice and bottles of wine or perhaps a large tiered platter with various tidbits onto it.

You'll want labels for every cheese that states the name and general flavor - it is possible to expand on that with the addition of the origin and perhaps some history in the event that you feel ambitious. Each portion of cheese may have it's own cutting board and cutter - A cute idea is always to utilize the cheese boards which are crafted from flattened bottles of wine to slice the cheese on.

Glasses and Plates

You'll desire to be sure to utilize the right kind of wine glass with each wine. Burgandy or merlot wine ought to be poured right into a round ball shaped glass and white wine is more fluted however, not as narrow as a champagne flute. Keep a lot of each kind of glass out which means that your guests know to really have the right glass all the time. For dishes you can get wine themed plates or opt for an eclectic mixture of little antique plates. Be sure you have a lot of little plates around to encourage quests to use small examples of cheese with each wine.

What To Serve

A wine and cheese party needs a lot more than just wine and cheese! You can also desire to provide plenty of interesting breads and crackers. Maybe some caviar? Also keep in mind dessert - a cheesecake will be commensurate with the theme but any dessert can do! And lastly, some coffee may be in order in the end that wine and please be sure that no-one drives after having an excessive amount of wine.

Of course, you will want to be sure you serve the proper wine with the proper cheese and actually complimentary wine and cheese pairings can produce interesting and unusual tastes. Half the fun of a wine and cheese party is experimenting on your own to see what new combinations it is possible to develop.